We consider it a blessing to own and operate housing for the benefit of low-income, veterans, homeless, and formerly homeless people in Texas.

Roger McCasland, President

Welcome to ORC!

Words from Roger D. McCasland, President

As President and Chairman of the Board for Operation Relief Center, I hope our website will give you a picture of the truly extraordinary work of Operation Relief Center & Operation Relief Community Development Corporation.

We consider it a blessing to own and operate housing for the benefit of low-income, veterans, homeless, and formerly homeless people in Texas. We also serve as providers for many other areas of assistance for the low income community of Dallas. We administer a range of supportive service programs to assist those we serve in maintaining stable housing and increasing their self-sufficiency.

For 23 years we have sought to address the Biblical mandate to help those less fortunate. For the thousands of lives that have been changed for the better by our work, would not have been possible without the tireless work of our volunteers, staff, board of directors, both past and present, and most importantly our wonderful supporters who have given to us so generously over the years. Without these people and our contributors we simply could not do all that we do.

We pray this website will assist you and that our efforts will continue to be blessed by God as we have the opportunity to help others. We continually pray for wisdom from HIM as we move forward in our daily endeavors.

Spiritual Discipline

A Weekly Bible Study

Easter is a wonderful day to shout "He's Alive". It is not a lot different from the day when the crowd gathered for Jesus' trip to Jerusalem. It was just days before he was crucified, buried, and rose again. We can not only declare "Hosanna", but that "He is Alive", for we know the risen King. But that was not the case in the text. John 12:12-13 The crowd waved their palm leaves and stood in history as "The Holy Week", a week when they ushered Jesus into Jerusalem saying "Hosanna". Just days later, they shouted "Crucify Him!"

I'm not sure if you've been in another country, or seen how crowds can gather quickly to declare a protest, or produce a "Human Wall" to stand for something they feel very strongly about. I have never been in that kind of situation as a participant, but I have seen in person what kind of price it cost some to say, "I have been treated unfair", or, "No, my government is unfit to lead...

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Servant of All

Life Stories in Our Ministries

The Operation Relief Center "Servant of All Award" for 2013 is the ORC Executive Director Rosalinda Trevino Ortega. Rosalinda is without a doubt the balance of administration and spiritual direction as any non-profit Christian based ministry would hope for. She is not only an employee of ORC, but an after-hours servant to the many people to whom she comes in contact with on a daily basis.

ORC is so blessed to have an Operations Officer who assures that the company is performing to the highest standards of our industry, meets all City of Dallas requirements, and achieves the housing goals as outlined in the company's business plan.

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