Life Stories in Our Ministries

Dec 13, 2013

The Operation Relief Center "Servant of All Award" for 2013 is the ORC Executive Director Rosalinda Trevino Ortega. Rosalinda is without a doubt the balance of administration and spiritual direction as any non-profit Christian based ministry would hope for. She is not only an employee of ORC, but an after-hours servant to the many people to whom she comes in contact with on a daily basis.

ORC is so blessed to have an Operations Officer who assures that the company is performing to the highest standards of our industry, meets all City of Dallas requirements, and achieves the housing goals as outlined in the company's business plan. Ms. Trevino-Ortega has extensive experience in employment and training, housing, and community development. She has developed and managed national and local federal programs and initiatives and implemented community and housing development initiatives in Dallas.

As a Servant of All, Rosalinda posseses over thirtyfive years experience in management, and extensive experience in fundraising, coordinating volunteers, project management, procurements, and quality assurance. She has served in her present role since December 2009. She is responsible for developing affordable and special needs housing, case management and supportive services that address the needs of formerly homeless disabled veterans. She manages properties that assist the low-income, elderly and formerly incarnated homeless men, and assures contractual compliance with funding entities.

We are proud of Rosallinda and for all that she has done to serve the literally hundreds of families and individuals of South Dallas. She is truly a Servant of All!