ORC's primary target area is South Dallas, which is in desperate need of decent, affordable housing, especially low-income rental housing and housing for the elderly. The target area lacks economic stabilization. ORC is working to meet the needs of this area by constructing new affordable homes and rehabbing existing structures to provide decent affordable housing.

The predominant land use in the area is single-family housing built in the 1940's through the 1970's. The neighborhood is also developed with a mixture of commercial uses with retail and older single family dwellings converted into offices and small retail facilities, alone with multi-family residential land use.

The target area is bounded by Grand Avenue on the North, Robert B. Cullum Boulevard to the East, Pennsylvania Avenue to the South, and Lamar Street to the West. As indicated in the recent South Dallas study, there is recognized need for affordable housing throughout the South Dallas area.

The multifamily apartment complexes in the target area are old and in need of rehabilitation or demolition. According to the South Dallas study, there are 145 vacant lots (62% of target area) and 11 lots with abandoned buildings. These lots can be developed for single-family and multifamily housing for projects.

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